Thursday, October 31, 2013

Millville Community Center and Park

Millville Community Center, located in the old Millville School, Woodford County

Across the road from the Millville Community Center is the Community Park.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Early Morning Hike to Chained Rock

Looking north from the trail head before starting our hike to Chained Rock.  The road you see is 25E.

Another view from the trail head before starting our hike

On the trail to Chained Rock

One end of the chain is attached to the mountain.

The other end of the chain is attached to Chained Rock

The chain keeps the huge boulder securely in place and protects the town of Pineville below.

Pineville, Bell County

This view from Chained Rock shows highway 119 running parallel to the Cumberland River from Pineville toward Harlan.

More of the view from Chained Rock

Chained Rock

Monday, October 28, 2013

Middlesboro--My Hometown

Today's photos are from my beloved hometown of Middlesboro in Bell County.  I truly believe that I grew up in a little slice of Heaven, and most family, friends, and neighbors must have been angels in disguise. The mountains completely surrounded us like strong, protective arms, and each night before we went to sleep we could see the cross lighting up the mountainside at the east end of town.  We were blessed.  

View of Middlesboro from the Pinnacle in Cumberland Gap National Park

The Home building c. 1890 (ie. Arthur building, People's building) on Fountain Square in downtown Middlesboro

Detail on the Home building

One of several Build a Better Block efforts to restore and reinvigorate the downtown area

The old National Bank building on Fountain Square

Canal Walk

Detail on the old National Bank building

Bell County Chamber of Commerce is made of coal

The old Middlesboro Hardware building

Sundial at the Arthur Museum came from the home of Middlesboro founder, Alexander A. Arthur

Memorial bricks in the garden of  the Arthur Museum

Arthur Museum

Arthur Museum

This sweet girl seemed to be the official greeter at the Arthur Museum

Fern Lake supplies water to the town of Middlesboro