Friday, May 30, 2014

White-Tailed Squirrels

This week two rare white-tailed squirrels have been visiting our backyard and enjoying the treasures they have found beneath our walnut trees.  They have also put on quite a show running along the fence and playing in the trees and in my garden.  My research shows that white-tailed squirrels are quite rare, and that the white color of their tails is most likely a genetic anomaly. One of our resident squirrels is a bit bigger than the other, is a light gray color, and has a bushier tail.  The smaller squirrel is darker in color.  They tend to show up together and stay close to each other while they are in the yard, making me wonder if they are parent and offspring.  Regardless, we have had lots of fun watching them.  Though not my best photos, I hope you enjoy a glimpse at these unusual creatures.

White-Tailed Squirrels, Lexington, Fayette County

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