Thursday, October 13, 2016

Beechwood Cemetery

Beechwood Cemetery, Beechwood, Owen County


Charles Thomas Southworth Monument
My husband's great grandfather

Fieldstones as headstones and pieces of broken headstones 

CTS--marker for Charles Thomas Southworth plot

Willard & Eula Wise

View from the back corner of the cemetery

Behind the cemetery

Do Bramlett Memorial


Sunday, October 9, 2016

Glimpses of Greensburg: Part 2

Looking from the old Greensburg Courthouse toward the new courthouse
Greensburg, Green County

The site of the shop of Simon Settles, maker of Kentucky Long Rifles

Downtown Greensburg

Site of the new Green County History Museum, scheduled to open in 2017
This building is also home to Kentucky Market House & Longhunters Coffee & Tea Company.

Inside Longhunters--a beautiful space and a great place for lunch.

For a fun local experience, visit Kentucky Head Hunters and order a Slaw Burger and a bottle of Ski.

We enjoyed browsing through the antique store in the Woodson Lewis Building.

Vintage Ski Bottle for sale in the antique store

I loved the look of this lamp against the lace curtain in the antique store.

Sweet handmade sachets

Gorgeous ceiling in the antique store

Looking out the front door of the antique store

Ready for Fall

Give Thanks

Just a couple of blocks from downtown is the Green River Paddle Trail.

The beautiful Green River