Friday, November 8, 2013

Images of Downtown Middlesboro

A. D. Campbell's--still open for business and selling women's clothing

The Adams Building (once home to T. H. Campbell's, I think)

Detail on the Adams Building

One of several large displays in the downtown area depicting Middlesboro's past

Apex Medical in what used to be the Montgomery Ward building

The top of the Apex Medical/Montgomery Ward building

The old National Bank building

Detail on the old National Bank building

Window in the old National Bank building

Fountain in front of the Home/People's building

Mikel's Pharmacy

Mikel's Pharmacy

Cardwell Furniture now located on Fountain Square in the old J. C. Penney building

Another corner on Fountain Square.  The upstairs window on the far left used to be the office of Dr. Ben Fuson, dentist.

Site of the old Woolworth store

In the vicinity of the old Ream's Hardware store

This is beside the site of the old Manring Theater

Middlesboro founder, Alexander A. Arthur

Photo taken from the canal walk looking through a now vacant lot toward Cumberland Avenue.  The above image of Alexander A. Arthur is displayed on the brick wall on the right close to Cumberland Avenue.

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