Monday, November 11, 2013

More Images of Downtown Middlesboro

Bell County Historical Society & Museum located in the old library, Middlesboro, Bell County

The skating rink is still open!

Shades of Brown Coffee House, owned and operated by John and Teresa Brogan Brown

Cooperative Christian Ministry (CCM) provides a great service to the community

Lights on the Commercial Bank building

Law Offices of Keith and Dennis Nagle 

Empty buildings downtown on Cumberland Avenue, including the old Tamer's and Sterchi's buildings

Ben Harney, Father of Ragtime

Middlesboro Police Department and memorial to Desert Storm veterans

Another wonderful old photo enlarged and displayed downtown

The old Schneider's grocery is now the bingo hall

The Park Theater

The old Daily News building now houses a law office

Formerly a gas station (full service) owned by Clyde Stogner and Charlie Willmoth

First Federal Bank

Mural in the alley downtown between Cumberland Avenue and Chester Avenue

Another mural in the same downtown alley

Formerly Martin Brothers, now part of Cardwell Furniture

First State Bank branch and First Christian Church

Mural just off of Cumberland Avenue.  The road above the mural leads to Queensbury Heights area and the road below turns into Chester Avenue.

More of the United We Stand mural

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