Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Revisiting Old Taylor Distillery One Year Later

Old Taylor Distillery, Woodford County

Much of what I saw this past weekend at Old Taylor was the same as it was a year ago.

The beautiful stone walls are still intact.

The vines, whose fall color is so striking against the gray stone, still cling to the empty buildings and are even
more numerous than they were last year.

Beautifully aged and rusty, the iron entrance gate and fences remain.  
Barbed wire entwined with old vines on this length of fence seemed to have been collected and moved from
the surrounding walkways.

I photographed this same window last October.  It was broken and vine-covered
then, too, but the vines are more numerous and invasive this year.

The big change I noticed from the road was the landscaping.  Ground has been cleared and new shrubs and trees
have been planted.  An old fountain has been cleaned and looks ready for spring.

A row of arborvitae now line part of the property beside McCracken Pike.

* A big thanks to my friend, Rosalie, for suggesting I return to Old Taylor to see the changes.

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