Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Covington's Riverwalk

Looking east down the Ohio River from the Riverwalk in Covington, Kenton County

Taylor Southgate Bridge and B & B Riverboat Landing

Looking west from the Riverwalk.  The Roebling Suspension Bridge crossing the Ohio River
from Covington, Kentucky to Cincinnati, Ohio, with Paul Brown Stadium in the background.

Looking north from the Riverwalk is Great American Ball Park and downtown Cincinnati

James Bradley statue on the Riverwalk

Brought to America by slave traders when he was an infant, James Bradley worked as a slave on an
Arkansas plantation until he saved enough money to buy his freedom.  Bradley crossed the Ohio River
here in Covington, moving from slavery in the south to freedom in the north.  He attended Lane
Seminary in Cincinnati.

Confederate troops retreated after meeting fierce resistance here from
Union soldiers during the Civil War.

John James Audubon Statue

Audubon spent time in northern Kentucky and made many drawings
near this spot as he observed nature and wildlife along the river.

Audubon Statue

Fishing along the Ohio River 

Tribute to writer and reporter Ben Lucien Burman

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