Monday, June 2, 2014

Sons and Daughters of Relief Cemetery

Sons and Daughters of Relief Cemetery, Midway, Woodford County
"Land bought in 1876 by 8 members of 'Midway Sons & Daughters of Relief' community org.
& lodge.  Final resting place of veterans as well as former slaves who became great leaders
in Midway's African American community.  Famous horseman, Edward Dudley Brown, is
buried here in an unmarked grave.  It is oldest cemetery in Midway."

The railroad runs along the back border of the cemetery.

Veterans of World War I

"What is home without our love ones"

"Asleep in Jesus"

Quite a few headstones are hand-cut and/or hand-lettered and decorated.

"Cha(r)les Roberts Depa(r)ted His Life Wednesday Night at Eleven . . ."
(Thanks to M. H. for helping to decipher this!)
Can anyone decipher the rest of this inscription?

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